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Learn to speak English 

Trained volunteer tutors will help you to understand and speak English.


  • First you will be interviewed.

  • Then you will have your own tutor, or you might decide to learn English with a small group.

  • You set your own goals.

  • Your tutor will help you achieve those goals.

  • Your privacy will always be respected.

  • Tutoring is FREE.

If there are many people who want to learn English, you may be asked to wait until a tutor is available. 

Contact Literacy Volunteers!


Venice, Englewood,

Laurel, Osprey &


North Port

BASIC english reading & writing

Do You Need Help Reading or Writing English?

Whether you are a beginner or just need to improve your reading or writing skills, Literacy Volunteers can help you.

  • Your privacy is always respected.

  • First you will be interviewed.

  • Then you will have your own tutor.

  • You set your own goals.

  • The tutor will help you meet those goals.

  • Tutoring is free.

Venice, Englewood, Laurel, Osprey & Nokomis

Call: 941-861-1352 


North Port

Call: 941-861-1320

Workplace English

Small classes for local businesses are held onsite to help employees master English.

We have provided small workforce English classes onsite at these local businesses:

  • PGT Industries

  • Jacaranda Trace

  • Cassariano Italian Eatery

  • Goodwill Industries

  • Fred Astaire Dance Studio

If you would like more information about this program, please contact us.

Annual Citizenship classes

We hold two citizenship classes each year, one in Venice and one in North Port, typically, one night per week for 10 weeks. On average, there around 8 to ten students in each class.  Upon completion of the class students should be prepared to take and pass the US Citizenship Exam.

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